miércoles, 17 de abril de 2013

URBAN REGENERATION PROJECT: University of Manchester and Quadrangle & Samuel Alexander Building, UK

Authors: 留著用 / Juan Manuel Del Castillo


The huge amounts of rain in Manchester are used to plant and grow the top five crops produced in the UK (3rd biggest producer of cereals in Europe). A productive garden is proposed at the center of a big public space where the Learning Commons, the Main Library, the Christie Bd. and Samuel Alexander Bd converge; encouraging interaction between the community and the students to maintain it, and providing local coffee shops with fresh food.

Given the wind speed, the amount of rain and the lack of sunshine in Manchester, infilling glass and steel volumes covered by green roofs, green facades and wind turbines, to allocate the new program in the Christie Bd. would present no difficulties. The transparency of glass allows pedestrians to see the old building on the background. Plus, the wind turbines will prevent the increase in energy consumption by the new facilities, while vegetation insulates the building. 

Author: Juan Manuel Del Castillo

MA Architecture & Urbanism 2012-2013, Manchester School of Architecture